10 Ways to Use Bamboo for Home Decor

If you like the outdoors and don’t mind sacrificing a little style for living an eco-friendly lifestyle then bamboo might be your best friend. It is less expensive than say, teakwood, but it has all of the beauty that teak has and more. If done right, experts can make bamboo look almost identical to mahogany and it also has bamboo’s natural resistance to mold, mildew, cracking or splintering.

10 Bamboo Home Decor Ideas

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that can be harvested every three years without killing the bamboo plant. It does not require replanting either which means bamboo is one of the most sustainable woods available today. Bamboo also looks great in almost any room. Here are 10 bamboo decorating ideas to get you started.

image of bamboo barstools

1. Bamboo Wall Art

Bamboo wall art is a great way to add some bamboo pieces to your living space. Weave bamboo trunks together for an artsy look or use bamboo pieces in natural shapes like tall blades of grass, bamboo leaves and puddles of bamboo water.

light bamboo blinds on a window

2. Bamboo Blinds

You can find bamboo blinds in many different styles and colors these days so they work well in any room – even the bathroom! Just make sure to clean them often for optimal results.

3. Bamboo Ornaments

Don’t have wall space? Try decorating the plants in your bamboo house with bamboo ornaments instead. You can also make bamboo ornaments yourself by sawing bamboo pieces to create either letters or shapes.

4. Picture Frames

If you are handy with tools, make your own bamboo picture frames for family pictures using bamboo slices as part of the frame design. You can also find pre-made bamboo picture frames at craft stores or online.

bamboo fountain water feature

5. Bamboo Water Feature

Water features add a wonderful focal point to any bamboo garden or bamboo house. Try decorating your bamboo water feature with bamboo pieces of varying lengths and sizes to create the impression of bamboo growing out of small puddles of water.

6. Bamboo Plant Stands

There are bamboo plant stands in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from bamboo ball plant stands to bamboo single-column stands. There are also bamboo floor plant stands you can use as a side table for storing bamboo magazines or bamboo books.

modern living room with bamboo wall

7. Bamboo Room Divider

If your living space is small, try bamboo room dividers to create living spaces within your main living space. Bamboo screens are great bamboo room dividers because they are light and portable, making them easy to take down or move around as you desire.

8. Bamboo Shelves

Bamboo shelves look great anywhere bamboo is used. Use bamboo shelves for bamboo knick-knacks, bamboo decor and bamboo plants. Just remember bamboo shelves can be heavy so use proper screws when installing bamboo shelving for safety reasons.

bamboo stools under an outdoor bar

9. Bamboo Chairs

If you have a bamboo chair or two on hand, paint it a new color or sand it down to bring out the wood’s natural grain and beauty, then add bamboo back support to make it a bamboo dining chair or bamboo living room chairs.

10. Bamboo Tables

You can find bamboo coffee tables, bamboo end tables and bamboo kitchen tables. Just remember bamboo is not the strongest wood so choose pieces carefully if you are going to put heavy items on your bamboo table such as a water dish for bamboo plants.

You now have 10 bamboo decorating ideas to help you make bamboo work for your home decor.

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